Saturday, July 31, 2010

The balance of power, then and now

Story presented by CNN-IBN on 31st July 2010: 

An elite school in Bangalore has landed in controversy for saying the Right to Education Act which reserves 25 per cent seats in schools for underprivileged children will compromise discipline and the quality of education.
The shocking statement has triggered protests from various groups.

Will Durant writes of 2500 years ago..:

"Every science and every branch of philosophy developed a technical terminology intelligible only to its exclusive devotees.
As men learned more and more about the world, they found themselves ever less capable of expressing to their fellow men what it was that they had learned. The gap between life and knowledge grew wider and wider.In the midst of unprecedented learning, popular ignorance flourished, and chose its exemplars to rule the great cities of the world.
....if knowledge became too great for communication, it would degenerate into scholasticism, and the weak acceptance of authority."

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