Sunday, August 1, 2010

A post to those who find me

She pinged me.
As usual.
That's how our conversation usually begins. She finds me..when I am looking around, waiting to be found, and not quite knowing it.
I tell her I have started a blog.. and don't quite know what to do with it now. She checks out the link, and says, "Your blog is certainly different."
I am pleased that it is, without having made any special efforts in that direction. I am wondering if she means the template.
"Most people don't quote Will Durant or recent articles they have read", she continues.
I explain that I haven't followed too many blogs before presuming to begin one myself, so perhaps I am not in on what possibilities exist in the quoting business. I just wrote what was top of my mind at midnight, I further explain.

"Most people write about general stuff that happens in their life..", she says.
I am most uncomfortable and sheepish at this point. In my defense, I point out that it is a bold enough thing for me to begin a blog in the first place, considering it's so completely uncharacteristic of me.

She doesn't think so. "In fact I think it's quite logical for you to do so. You like sharing such things with people, as much as you resist having to reach out... It's not like you don't want to..."
She knows. She knows.
"It's mainly that you are incredibly lazy!"
She knows...My mind is suddenly doing numbers..We have not met in the last 2.5 years.. It's been 6 years since we have been regularly in touch...

"In any case, you are just absorbed in what you want to say", I am guessing is what she'll say next. She had said something to this effect, and I had laughed, and we had become friends... How long ago was that..??

"Happy Friendship day", she says, instead.
"Oh shit", say I.

And the mind again races back... Should I give her the green and black friendship band, or the pink and yellow one, I had wondered..How long ago was that...?!!!

"I love you," I say. "Be in touch.. you can visit my blog now," I cheerily point out.
She is kind not point out, that it certainly was the intention with orkut...and then with facebook! Instead she says, "Yes, this should make it much easier."

I don't know why I am starting this began with clicking 'Create Blog' while visiting someone else's blog..and then with thinking what name I would give if I had a blog...and then what template I would like to have..and then..there was a post..then 3 posts... and now this.
And this post does talk about general stuff happening in my life. So, there!

"I would just like to share it with a few people, you know", I had said... Maybe I want to make it easier to be found! Lol..
In a perfectly theatrical manner, it does happen to be Friendship Day today, and for the 'just a few people', most of whom I depend on to do the finding, I do hope to find you too..