Sunday, August 15, 2010

We have met the enemy- it is us...............And also the only hope

I find you
rebelling against yourself..

What did you
make yourself do?
That you, today
refuse to follow you?

The intensity of your refusal
Would have me believe
That you held your breath
And wouldn’t let it relieve

Did you decide to wait awhile
When it was all accumulated inside
..but still, did you wait to exhale
When it could have burst a vein..?

Did you push yourself
When you had refused to be pushed
When you thought you had found a way out
Only to be ambushed

By one else..
ambushed by yourself

Did you turn a deaf ear
To your voice
Till you beat yourself to believe
There was no choice

No choice, but to follow your way
And not as if there was much to say

Did you exhale….?
Did you exhale..
While you could still have lived????
Did you exhale?

What is this relationship
With yourself
You are out to defeat
Your own intent

I don’t understand
How this works
You refuse to be a master
to your quirks

Did you exhale?
You were running…running…
Did you exhale?

Did you exhale?
You were in the meadows
And something told you
You should spread your arms
And breathe in the beauty
But how could you, my dear!
You refused to exhale!!

Why do you run away
When I call you
Why do you hide
From my glance
Why do you not listen
To my words
You and me are the only chance

I promise I will listen
When you whisper
I will not 
laugh away your concerns
Not anymore
disregard your needs
I will do what it takes
to strengthen the trust


  1. Interesting observation, and mostly true....rings of a lot of darkness and the blatant truth!