Saturday, September 11, 2010

are no more where we had started
Something tells me
this is also not where we end

We have changed... so has the path
We can no more measure our progress
From the vantage point of where we started from

There were forks in the road
And so the beginnings have shifted
And the paths
And the ends

Look around, and take cognizance- 
This is not the start
Nor the end

This story is still untold
This mystery unexplored
Because what was known has changed
And we stand today on new ground

Who knows where we go from here
All I know is, we still exist
And we go forward
That there is a path

Maybe this path has no name
Certainly not known by the names most often identified
Nor even, the names we had given

And therefore we are here
Free to not know
.. Free to explore

Free to, me
And the future

The beauty of it makes me smile
To know where we started
And to have come this far
And to know that this is not where we end

To know not, where we go from here
But to know there is a path
Which we had not seen on the map we had drawn ourselves
With those shiny innocent eyes
Glimmering with hope and certainty

The beauty of it makes me smile
That those eyes have wisened up
And the certainty displaced by searching
And still to know somewhere
That we go further from here

We go further from here…

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